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      “The Fuck This candle is awesome. I left my husband in 2019 and the divorce is starting to get a little testy. I got the candle at the best time possible. It made my day. THANK YOU so much!"

      – Julie


      “Your products make great convo starters - your witty packaging is pure motivation to not take today too seriously."

      – Becki


      “Had to tell you your branding is brilliant! So innovative! Huge kudos and many sales!"

      – Marilyn


      “I haven’t laughed out loud at six in the morning for a long time. I’ll be back to your website and buy some stuff for the holidays. But, just wanted to thank you for making me laugh—I need soap for cynical misanthropes that used to be optimistic."  

      – Lisa


      “Hello. I have just come across your website. Absolutely brilliant! And you’ve given me loads of laughs already, and It’s not even mid-morning yet!"  

      – Nerissa


      I just spent an hour laughing as I read through your soaps and candles... please, do you have any Australian stockists?"

      – Kat


      I just wanted to take the time to tell you guys how happy I am with your products. I have purchased many different items as gifts for my loved ones. They truly are the perfect gift for people who are impossible to buy for, and I recommend them as gifts for anyone who will bother to listen to me. I also contacted you guys about not including a price in a gift and you offered to send a message which made the purchase that much better (and you responded to my email unbelievably fast). I am sure being in sales, you're contacted with a lot of complaints because customers are the worst, so I wanted to take the time to offer my praise. So show this email to your boss, ask for raise, or at least to get out early on this Friday!" 

      – One of your loyal customers, Rachel


      “Hello, Good Morning!

      I just wanted to say that I love all the names
      for your soap company!! Thanks for the laughs this morning... my co-worker and I were in tears! Well done. You really have something special here :-)  I will be ordering these in the future!" 

      – Cassandra


      “Dear Whiskey River Soap Company!!!!!!

      You guys are awesome!!! My friend and I found your products on Pinterest. We were both having a bad day. And we started to scroll through all your different soaps, reading each the little descriptions on it and they made our day ten times better. We couldn't stop laughing for a good 45 minutes. I just had to thank you for being an amazing company and brightening our day!!"

      – Naomi


      It’s so full of awesome and as a middle child I look forward to the arrival of my soap! Thank you for a morning of laughter."

      – Joanne


      So my family and I were in the OBX this summer, and in a small bookstore in Corolla, we stumbled upon some of your candles. We purchased Yuge Mistakes and LOVE it. I just found your site and spent the last hour reading the candles and their corresponding description! Very well done and extremely well written!! Can't stop laughing."

      – Chris


      “You are, hands down, my new favorite find/company/go to gift source. Priceless!”

      – Pam


      “I am visiting family, and yesterday while window shopping with friends, I walked into a local shop. I moved through the aisles at a leisurely pace, occasionally picking up an item to peruse more thoroughly, only to place back on the shelf. Finally, at the far end of where I started, I came upon a display of Whiskey River Soaps. I had never heard of nor seen your soap line. I began to giggle, then chuckle, then laugh loudly. I called my friends over and soon, they too were laughing loudly.

      I purchased Zero Fucks for a friend because as baby boomers, we frequently mention how our Give-A-Crap meters are broken. This is not to say that we have grown completely jaded. Baby smiles, puppy licks, kitten purrs, California Chardonnay, all still manifest warm fuzzies for us. But let's be honest, as a civilization we are doomed, so simple pleasures are becoming touchstones of sanity in an ever-increasing chaotic world. 

      Hence, my sincere gratitude for the delightfully honest marketing of your soaps. I will be sure to purchase more in the future." 

      – Rebecca


      “G’day from New Zealand, Whiskey River Soap Company!

      First of all, your products have been the highlight of my week. Where have you been all my life? There’s just enough snark balanced with a quality product to tempt me to alter my budget drastically! "

      – Danni


      I am absolutely crying with laughter at your soaps! Love them... do you post to the UK?"

      ­– Jayshree


      I haven’t laughed this much in ages! Do you know how hard it is to explain to your husband you were just reading soap labels?!!!"

      – Kayla


      I saw a Bored Panda ad on Facebook, clicked on it, and it showcased some of your soaps. So, of course I went straight to your website, and am in tears!!!!! Holy cow, I know what I’m getting EVERYONE for Christmas!!!

      Thank you SO much for the much-needed laugh—this has been a craphole week!"

      – Bev


      ...The priceless factor is from the labels. Quite clever. So much snark, packed into just a few brief lines on the labels–impressive. Intellectual. Inventive. And a whole lot of other "i" words, if I wanted to continue on that alliterative groove.  Whoever is writing for you should be working in Hollywood. Reading your soap labels is far more entertaining than any sitcom I've seen, in a long time. So freakin' funny, I was compelled to tell you so. 

      You have surpassed my standard for comedy, stepping ahead of my daily default:  watching classic sitcom re-runs and BBC comedy The Vicar of Dibley on Netflix, when there is nothing else of value on television. Reading your soap labels is now my new passion. Well done!  I take my hat off to you. Well, if I had a hat. :(" 

      – Claire


      “I live in Brisbane, Australia. I woke up this morning, got on Pinterest social media and I saw two of your products posted. I laughed my head off. These soaps and candles are so witty and facetious. You made my day they are so funny but so true. I have posted quite a few of your products on my comedy board on Pinterest: Being Awesome, Cool Kids, The Middle Child, and more.  Who knows, it might lead to more sales for you!

      Keep up the good work. The world needs more laughter and you have provided me with plenty." 

      – Robert


      “Hey, I really like your job. Can you send it to Brazil?"

      – Camila