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      Tabitha Wilson

      A few things about Tabitha. She has 2 children, a dog that thinks the Amazon delivery people are axe murderers, and a cat who couldn't give a fuck. She has a design background in advertising, magazines, and film, and has created best-selling products for Genuine Fred including Borrow My Pen? and The Daily Mood Flipchart

      The Story. One usually starts a soap company because they like making soap. Not Tabitha. She started with wanting to say something snarky and needed something to put it on. Being as broke as an out-of-work professional hula hooper, she landed on creating a line of humorous handmade soaps. What started in her kitchen is now housed in a 3-story building with close to 30 employees (unless you saw the Today show, then it's 30,000). In 2015, Whiskey River went viral and it just kept growing from there. Whiskey River has been featured in a bunch of articles and such (click here to see some) but most recently was featured on the Today show December 8, 2022.

      Why has it taken so long for us to want to tell this story? Well, to be perfectly honest, the main reason was Tabitha has always wanted the brand to speak for itself. She wanted people to *want* our products because they like them, not because it's a company owned by some rando who once had a bad day, and now makes fun, scented candles and allegedly donates .001% of profits to sad puppies or "the ocean". She has said "People don't do whippets because they like the sob story behind the world-weary drug dealer. They buy it because they enjoy whippets." And that's the same way we hope people feel about our soaps and candles. (And whippets.) You have a bunch of other options but you chose ours. (...And whippets?)
      Disclaimer: Nobody is doing whippets at Whiskey River Soap. Don't do drugs, kids. Use your hard-earned money for Whiskey River soap and candles.